1,900,000 IT assets diverted from landfills Over 225 Charities Supported

How It Works
The Green4Good program offers North American enterprises an effective way to solve end-of-first-life™ IT asset disposition challenges. The monies earned allow companies to contribute to charities, purchase new equipment or to fund a social program that they may be part of.


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Valuable corporate data will not be compromised.

Many of North America’s largest companies use Green4Good to manage the security of their data when disposing of end of life assets.

To ensure the security of data-bearing assets picked up at your location, a receiving audit is conducted by Compugen to confirm that what was received matches what was shipped.

NIST 800-88 (National Institute for Standards and Technology) standards are used to thoroughly ‘sanitize’ all disk drives, eliminating the possibility of sensitive data making into the wrong hands.

Any disk drives that fail to operate correctly or fail the erasure process are crushed, and a Certificate of Destruction issued, clearing the donor organization of any further responsibility.


100% of hardware is recycled – zero goes to landfill!

Our best in class recycling process is performed by ISO 9001:2015 certified specialty recycling partners picked based on their proven ability to handle various aspects of disassembly, disposal and destruction.

All incoming equipment is inventoried, bar-coded and recorded in a database for continuous tracking throughout the recycling process.

  1. Equipment is manually disassembled so that all hazardous materials and components can be removed for special handling;
  2. Three different shredders and a system of separators produce four distinct commodities or “fines” – steel, aluminum, copper/plastics and other metals;
  3. The resulting bins of metal fines are re-smelted and refined to yield raw materials for new products;
  4. Dust created during processing is captured, reprocessed for further metal recovery and bagged; air is filtered before being released into the atmosphere. Nothing goes to landfill.


What is Green4Good?
The Green4Good program offers North American enterprises an effective way to solve end-of-life IT asset disposition challenges, while donating cash and new technology to charity. Our goal is to be North America’s Best and Greenest Solution for Computer Reuse & Recycling.

Do I get to pick which charity benefits from my participation?
Yes, we have a group of charities we work closely with and you are able to select which one you would like to benefit or you may suggest a charity of your own choosing. View our list of charities and see how we are making a difference.

Is Green4Good a national program?
Yes, the Green4Good program is an initiative that is available across North America.

What kind of technology can I trade-in?
The Green4Good program actively looks for PCs, notebooks, Smartphones, LCD screens and more! We accept many forms of aged IT equipment, if you have any questions about other types of technology please contact us for a free audit.

Who will pick up my equipment?
Compugen has years of logistical experience and will arrange to pick up, evaluate and track all of your equipment throughout the refurbishment and/or recycle process.

Do the refurbished computers come with warranties?
Yes, all computers go through a rigorous testing process by Compugen and are refurbished by experienced technicians. We provide a Free 90 day warranty for all computers and even give the option to extend it to 12 or 36 months.

Do I have to donate IT Equipment to be a sponsor?
No, you can make a visible difference in your community by sponsoring Green4Good as an advertiser, your sponsorship will go towards growing the program and your brand will be associated with the contributions made to benefit the environment and the community.

How do I know my data is secure?
We take corporate privacy and security very seriously. In fact, we use the highest standards in the industry! We use the NIST 800-88 standards and issue certificates of secure data erasure and destruction.

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