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Project Childcare Foundation

Project Childcare Foundation

Project ChildCare Foundation (PCF) is a registered Canadian Charity established in 2004. We strive to bring sustainable improvements to the lives of children in crisis and need through the provision of basic care, educational, health and psychosocial support programs. We provide targeted support to grassroots groups and community-based projects started from the ground up by members who could not ignore the issues facing children in their communities. Our current area of focus is children affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Sub-Saharan Africa. Combining social work, nursing experience specific to paediatric and HIV/AIDS care, as well as professional managerial expertise, our team is uniquely qualified to assist in these humanitarian efforts. Through the contributions of individuals, local community groups and corporations, Project ChildCare Foundation is committed to providing sustainable support and funding to our current projects, while exploring new global initiatives to help improve the lives of children.

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