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Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth’s Green Circle Fund Supporting Citizens Exercising Environmental Rights

Friends of the Earth delivers Canada’s strongest grassroots environmental rights program to educate and support citizens in exercising their right to a clean and safe environment while advocating for equal environmental rights for all residents of Canada no matter what province or territory they live in.


Not one week goes by without a citizen stepping up to protect the environment in his or her home community. It may be testing ponds and streams to check out contamination from leaky old dumpsites. It may be hiring a scientist to analyze reports on environmental impacts of existing or proposed local developments like light pollution, loss of important forests or agricultural land and more. It may be inviting someone who has tackled the same problem in his or her own community to come visit and share experiences. Concerned citizens undertake amazing work to protect the environment in their communities but, every so often, they need to call in the experts for advice.


Whether for lab tests, train and bus tickets for expert speakers, or commissioning reviews of government reports on pollution in lakes, dumpsites, you name it, the Green Circle Fund Supporting Citizens Exercising Environmental Rights will provide matching funds from $250 up to $5,000 to assist community-based campaigns acquire scientific assistance. Friends of the Earth will help citizens prepare their request for scientific help and share its experts’ network.


Through its grassroots environmental rights program, Friends of the Earth is standing on guard to help citizens such as Allan Williams in New Harbour, Newfoundland. Allan and his neighbours had to raise $5,000 to undertake sampling for contamination from their local dumpsite. Friends of the Earth has helped Allan prepare his call for a federal investigation into the dump’s violations of Canada’s PCB regulation and, now, in analyzing exactly what this investigation has produced.

See more at: https://green4good.ca/en_CA/campaign/friends-of-the-earth

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